logoWorkshop on Computer-Aided Design and Implementation for Cryptography and Security (CADICS)


November 10,  2016

Co-located with ICCAD, Austin, TX

Trusting security-critical systems currently requires one to trust a specification - which may or may not exist in human-readable form, often large and unwieldy implementations of that specification, and a complex compilation and execution pipeline that turns this implementation into actions that are executed on a processor, or directly into hardware. Any one of the links in this chain can be subverted, or accidentally broken in a way that leads to practical and disastrous security breaks.

However, following a long tradition - with some well-established communities - of formal methods being used to formally reason about security properties of abstract systems, recent years have seen a surge of research on the development and application of formal methods to practical security problems. In particular, many small communities have formed around specific aspects of practical security, from formal approaches to access control; to the verification of provable security proofs with full protocol details; to the development of formal tools for the detection of side-channels and the deployment and verification of countermeasures against side-channel or fault attacks; to the development of security-specific program verification tools and verified hardware-software co-designs. These developments have, so far, mostly been happening in parallel, focusing first on software systems. There is a lack of venues whose goal is to federate these efforts and foster communication and the exchange of ideas across these small communities.

The CADICS workshop would provide such a venue, and also improve the visibility of these growing communities. Affiliation with ICCAD would also foster exchanges with the broader electronic design community, providing a platform for the exchange of ideas between the domains of formal methods, security and hardware design.

Key Topics

The workshop seeks submissions presenting practical and theoretical results in computer-aided methods for the design and implementation of secure systems - including but not limited to cryptography. More specifically, submissions discussing the application - or potential for application - of computer-aided techniques to the following topics are encouraged:

  • Cryptographic Engineering
  • Secure Hardware Design
  • Secure Software Engineering
  • Software/Hardware Co-Design for Security
  • Systems Security



CADICS is co-located with ICCAD 2016. Please use the registration system of ICCAD to register for its Thursday workshop CADICS.

Link to ICCAD registration - CADICS Workshop


Technical Program

Registration and Opening

   08:45 – 8:50am       Opening Remarks

Session 1: Hardware Design Security

   08:50 – 09:40am     Keynote by Steve Trimberger (Xilinx Inc.):
     Security Maturity

   09:40 – 10:10am     Michael Hutter (CRI/Rambus), Begül Bilgin (KU Leuven) and Michael Tunstall (CRI/Rambus):
                                      Towards Automated Insertion of Side-Channel Analysis Countermeasures in Hardware


  10:10 – 10:40am      Coffee Break

Session 2: Software Design Security and Attacks

  10:40 – 11:30am       Keynote by Mohit Tiwari (University of Austin):

  11:30 – 12:00am       Stjepan Picek (KU Leuven/MIT) -
                                       Soft Computing in Cryptography

  12:00 – 1:00pm         Lunch Break

Session 3: Embedded System Design Security

    01:00 – 01:50pm     Keynote by Patrick Schaumont (Virginia Tech):
                                       Verification and Automatic Removal of Side-channel Leakage in Software

    01:50 – 02:20pm     Daniel Große, Kenneth Schmitz, Rolf Drechsler (all University of Bremen/DFKI):
                                       Using Lightweight Containers in Hardware/Software Co-Design for Security

    02:20 – 02:50pm     Francesco Reggazzoni (ALaRI/Università della Svizzera italiana):
                                       Integrating Libraries of Secure Components into Hardware Design Flows

   02:50 – 03:20pm      Coffee Break

Session 4: Challenges and Directions for CAD & Security

    03:20 – 04:10pm      Keynote by Kris Gaj (George Mason University):
                                        Computer-Aided Design Tools and Methodologies for Evaluating Candidates in Cryptographic Contests

    04:10 – 05:00pm      Panel Discussion & Wrap Up
                                        (moderated by F. Dupressoir, University of Surrey)



Keynote Speakers

We are glad to announce our international experts giving a keynote at this edition of CADICS:


·         Patrick Schaumont
Professor at the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech
Keynote Title:
Verification and Automatic Removal of Side-channel Leakage in Software


·         Steve Trimberger
Fellow at Xilinx Inc.
Keynote Title: Security Maturity


·         Mohit Tiwari
Professor at ECE Dept.
University of Texas
Keynote Title: TBA


·         Kris Gaj
Professor at ECE Dept.
George Mason University
Keynote Title:
Computer-Aided Design Tools and Methodologies for Evaluating Candidates in Cryptographic Contests



Technical Program Committee:  

  • Sonia Belaid - ENS/Thales, FR
  • Rajat Subhra Chakraborty - IIT Kharagpur, IN
  • Daniel Grosse - University Bremen, DE
  • Paolo Ienne - EPFL/IC-LAP, CH
  • Gang Qu - University of Maryland, US
  • Francesco Regazzoni - ALaRI/USI, CH
  • Steve Trimberger - Xilinx Inc, US




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