TrustED 2016 - Accepted Papers

  • Andrei Costin. Security of CCTV and Video Surveillance Systems: Threats, Vulnerabilities, Attacks, and Mitigations

  • Christopher Huth, Rene Guillaume, Paul Duplys, Kumaragurubaran Velmurugan and Tim Güneysu. On the Energy Cost of Channel Based Key Agreement

  • Naoya Torii, Dai Yamamoto and Tsutomu Matsumoto. Evaluation of Latch-based Physical Random Number Generator Implementation on 40nm ASICs

  • Matthias Hiller, Aysun Gurur Önalan, Georg Sigl and Martin Bossert. Online Reliability Testing for PUF Key Derivation

  • Markus Dürmuth, David Oswald and Niklas Pastewka. Side-channel attacks on fingerprint matching algorithms

  • Ethan Gaebel, Ning Zhang, Wenjing Lou and Y. Thomas Hou. Looks Good To Me: Authentication for Augmented Reality